Cat Fashionista is an online boutique and curator of cat couture for the modern cat lady who isn’t ashamed to wear her love of cats on her sleeve.

…And it all started with a cat named Kerpal.

Backing up about 15 years ago to a small apartment in Englewood, NJ, a stylish couple faced the dilemma many cat lovers face: finding cat furniture their feline loved and didn’t look hideous or waste unnecessary space. Unable to get their paws on such an anomaly, this couple decided to build it themselves. Thus, our sister store, The Refined Feline, was born. Hurray cat furniture with freaking style!

Now, from home to clothing, the makers of The Refined Feline are tackling another dilemma for the fashion-forward cat lover…

…Modern cat lady apparel and accessories for the chic and fiercely fashionable.

These women (that includes you, little cat lover) have been waiting for someone to get their act together and realize that cat lady fashion does not have to be an eye-sore. That’s where Cat Fashionista strolls in.

We got you, girl!

We’re excited for you to sort through our furrocious collection and express your inner cat lady while looking smart, refined, and feline fierce.

Can you say #catfashionista?