Redefining the Modern Cat Lady

by | Jun 29, 2019 | Media, curator of chic cat-themed fashion, goes public at CatCon

Pasadena, CA – June 28, 2019 – The rise of the modern cat lady is happening., an online boutique of cat-inspired apparel and accessories from around the world, will be launching during CatCon in Pasadena, CA on June 29-30th , and presenting its first public showcase.

Cat Fashionista believes that the “crazy old cat lady” is an outdated stereotype that should be put to bed. The modern cat lady appreciates style and proudly shows her love of cats through her fashion-forward wardrobe. Cat Fashionista’s mission is to redefine today’s cat lover and provide women with feline fashion that also purrs class and sophistication.

This new brand is an offshoot of The Refined Feline that has been producing beautifully designed cat furniture for over 10 years. “Our cat-loving customers appreciate design in and out of the home, so it made sense to branch into fashion,” said Josh Feinkind, President of The Refined Feline & Cat Fashionista.

Cat Fashionista has curated a collection of apparel and accessories that now lets its customers express their inner cat lady while keeping their look chic.

About Cat Fashionista
Cat Fashionista is an online boutique and curator of cat couture for the modern cat lady who isn’t ashamed to wear her love of cats on her sleeve. We curate designs of quality and stylish apparel and accessories from around the world.


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